My name’s Florent Barbault and I’m an associate professor (tenured) at University Paris Diderot – University Sorbonne Paris Cité. I do my research on computational chemistry, mainly applied to biological systems and biomaterials, in the “molecular modeling group” which I lead, at laboratory ITODYS (CNRS – UMR 7086).

On this webpage you will see my personal achievements. First, a short CV to introduce my past positions:

  • Jul. 2012 : HDR* (French degree required to supervise research and PhD students)
    “Molecular modeling contribution for the studying and understanding of ligand-biomolecule recognition processes”
  • Sep. 2003 onwards : Lecturer at University Paris-Diderot
  • Apr. to Sep. 2003 : Post-doctoral postion (Marie-Curie Fellowship) with Laboratory of Medical Research (Luxembourg) and Pasteur Institute (Lille).
    “Elucidation, by heteronuclear NMR and molecular modelling, of the calcium integrin-binding protein (CIB) 3D structure”
  • Dec. 2001 to Mar. 2003 : Post-doctoral position (industrial fellowship) with the pharmaceutical industry ENTOMED (Illkirch) and Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire (Orléans).
    “Lead optimisation of antimicrobial peptides by NMR and molecular modelling”
  • Oct. 1998 to Nov. 2001 : PhD* in structural biology (French government fellowship) with the Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire (Orléans).
    “Studies, by NMR and molecular modelling, of the dimerization RNA structures in HIV-1Lai and their DNA analogs”
  • Sep. 1997 to June 1998 : Second year Master “Chemistry and Physical-chemistry of Bio-active compounds” Orléans, Paris 5 and Paris 11 Universities.

* My PhD and HDR manuscripts may be downloaded in the ‘publication’ part of this website